There are just some things you HAVE to see to believe, in this part of the world
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~ 4 Legged Critters ~
(or more)
IRAQ Photo Album ~ 4 Legged Critters
Rush hour traffic in the middle east!
What, no turn signal??
This is Tiny again...he's roaring!
This thing was nearly 4 foot long!
What the heck?  Is that a.......?  No, can't possibly be!
Bet you didn't know that camels can travel up to 80 KPH !
Broke down on the side of the road
Guess thats what you call a caravan!
Notice anything unusual about the Camel spider?  10 legs!
This is Tiny, he was a pet for awhile! He's eating breakfast...
This is a little one!
This is what happens to a fish...err, sea turtle out of water!