My next vacation will be July 5th - 18th!  I'll be coming home for two weeks for that
one.  Anyone is welcome to come by during that time.  There will be plenty of
sleeping space including "camping" in the back yard, boating, skiing, tubing,
swimming, fishing, BBQing, hot tub'n, and drinking available for everyone.

I will also be throwing a MORTGAGE BURNING party during this time!

Working hot and heavy on a project in Thailand which could make the decision to
leave Iraq for me.  Currently, odds are very good that it will be realized, at which
point I'll be splitting my time between my home in Texas, and the home I'll build in
This area will be to announce Get Togethers, Family
Events, BBQ's, Boat Parites and such.
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After suffering many years
without my beloved, I have
found a much "younger" one
to take her place.  She
performs much better, and is
all a man could ever ask for!  
She's got curves in all the
right places and just
screams "SEXY"!
You can see a picture of her
HERE with her top off!

I am currently working my 3rd
contract in Iraq since the start
of the war in 2003.

I renewed that contract again
in October 2007, which had
originally begun in 2005.

Currently my plans are to
begin renewing my contract
in 6 month intervals, instead
of 12 month intervals.  This
will give me the ability to
leave within a reasonable
timeframe, without breaking
my contract, should my
Thailand project come
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